YVW – Jumping Creek Sewerage Pump Station Construction of Emergency Storage Tank


Project Scope

The project comprises the installation of an underground storage tank which will be used to prevent sewage spills arising from either mechanical or power failure of the Jumping Creek Sewage pump station. Such spills threaten the health of the adjacent Jumping Creek and the surrounding environment.

Works included:

  • Installation approx. 60m of Secant Pile Retaining Wall.
  • Bulk excavation between pile wall for underground storage tank.
  • Construction of 0.4ML concrete tank with three chambers.
  • Installation approximate 10m length of DN400 VC gravity sewer using open-cut method.
  • Installation approximate 17m length of DN400 VC gravity sewer using trenchless method.
  • Construction of three maintenance holes, including live connection to existing sewer main.