YVW – Doreen Transfer Main

DTM 3Doreen Transfer Main will provide extra sewer capacity to accommodate for current and future requirements of the Mernda and Doreen growth areas. The Main runs from SFC014 in Doreen and connects into the Eltham Main sewer at Diamond Creek.

The construction of Doreen Transfer Main involved 8.3km of Rising Main and 1.4km of Gravity Sewer consisting of:

Rising Main:

  • 8.3km of OD630 PE pipe by open cut and trenchless methodologies
  • 22 x air and scour valve arrangements & 2km of a shared user path

Gravity Sewer:

  • 930m of DN710 GRP jacking pipe by trenchless methodology
  • 420m of OD710 PE pipe by trenchless methodology
  • 16 x GRP maintenance holes (7 of which included vortex drops)

Project Challenges:

  • Construction depths of up to 13m in gravity section
  • Working within environmentally sensitive areas; Plenty Gorge Parklands and Diamond Creek
  • Meeting Cultural Heritage requirements; CHMP
  • Community consultation including traffic management, road closures and detours