YVW – M104B Mains Replacement


Project Scope

The project included –

  • Construction of approximately 1,900m of MSCL distribution main (400m of DN600, 860m of DN450 and 643m of DN300) in public reserve and road reserve.
  • 2 x DN450 divide valve and bypass arrangement.
  • DN300 divide valve and bypass arrangement.
  • DN300 off take and bypass
  • DN150 off take arrangement and scour
  • 4 x valve controlled hydrant arrangements
  • 7 x scour arrangements
  • Bored under Doncaster Road
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Decommissioning of approximately 5,000m of 100 year old DN800 Riveted Cast Iron distribution main in road reserve by fully grouting pipework.