YVW – Frogley Outlet Water Main Replacement


Project Scope

The project included the construction of a new 355 PE Potable Outlet Water Main from the existing Frogley Reservoir Tank and connecting 2.2kms downstream into the existing outlet main in Badger Creek for Yarra Valley Water. The works were completed within the Yarra Ranges National Park and along Badger Weir Rd, both environmentally sensitive areas.

Works included:

  • 2.2kms of 355 PE potable water main.
  • 1.1kms constructed by open cut methodology.
  • 1.1kms constructed by directional drilling.
  • All pipework poly welded in the field.
  • Mild steel fitting and valve arrangements at connections and cross connections.
  • Very limited access.
  • Very environmentally sensitive work place.